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OS/2 Software
Small solutions for a big blue planet - TH Software!

I believe, OS/2 is the most important operating system - perhaps program - of all time.
- Bill Gates, 1988

OS/2 Games Pack 1.00 Freeware!

MindMaster: Guess the correct colours - nice implementation with many options and excellent graphics.
3D-Labyrinth: different maze layouts, size selectable, speedy graphics.

Download the Software now!

I want to get my share from the market for the "almost important operating system" <g>!
Want more quotes? Here you are:

Bill Gates believes NT will take three years to become the dominant system
- Peter Rorlach, PC today July 1993

These games are also available for the dominant system! The registered version of The Lights Go Down and 95 Lights Go Down include Windows versions of these OS/2 games.

Here's the final quote:

I'd like to know what Bill Gates believes now
- Thomas Hövel, May 1997

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