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JAVA Applets (Freeware)

Animated text - flag1.class thru flag3.class - click here for detailed information!

This Browser doesn't support JAVA!

Scrolling text - ticker1.class thru ticker3.class - click here for detailed information!

This page requires a browser that can run JAVA Applets (like the 32-bit versions of MS Internet Explorer and Netscape).

Until further notice you have the non-transferable right to use all the JAVA Applets referenced on this page on your internet sites provided

After receiving your e-mail I will check if copyright notices and links are sufficiently visible on your pages - don't worry, your contents is more important than my copyright notice; I just want to make sure they are not too many clicks apart from the applets!

You also have the right to use imagemap1.class and Hotspot.class used for the image map on the main page. The same rules apply.

Use these links to download the JAVA Applets.
If you are using a Netscape browser, hit the right mouse button over one of these links and select "Save this Link as ...". The browser will prompt for filename and location.
If you are using Internet Explorer, just click on the links and select "Save this file to disk".

Link to flag1.class
Link to flag2.class
Link to flag3.class
Link to ticker1.class
Link to ticker2.class
Link to ticker3.class
Links to imagemap1.class and Hotspot.class.

Please let me know if you have problems downloading these files!

Notes: It is important that the class files maintain the extension .class. It won't work if it's changed or truncated to .cla (take care of that if you are using 16-bit programs to upload files!).
Also note that many internet servers are based on UNIX and use case-sensitive file systems! (Case often is a problem if your homepage works on local hard disk, but not on the web!)

I'll post more applets here by and by. Feel free to contact me if you have ideas for new JAVA applets.

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