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WinCIG Chaos Image Generator

The Chaos Image Generator WinCIG serves only one purpose: having fun!

WinCIG got a 5 Star rating
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Motif "AD 266", Colour Palette "Saw Tooth (252)" with ALT+1This program turns a simple mathematical formula, found by Benoît Mandelbrot into fascinating images.

Mathematical knowledge is not required to use this program. It is very easy to use and provides default values for all important settings.

This page shows you four images that were created with WinCIG. The images were calculated at a size of 320 x 240 pels; images where dithered when converted to the web colour palette.
WinCIG can handle images up to 4095 x 4095 pels. Larger images contain more details. And images calculated by WinCIG are not dithered!

Motif "Taille" with Colour Palette "Colour Circle (210)" and ALT+1Here is another image created by WinCIG.

Below you find the same image, but using a different colour palette.

The colour palette strongly affects how these chaos images look like. One of the strengths of WinCIG are the many options available for colour palettes.

Motif "Taille" with Colour Palette "Saw Tooth (56)" and ALT+4The image on the right is identical to the image above - except for the colour palette settings.

WinCIG requires only a 80386 with 8 MB memory.
Actual memory requirements depend on image size!

A Pentium (or better) processor is strongly recommended.

You need a 256 colour display mode to use all colour palettes (32k or more colours recommended).

Motif "Westpole" with Colour Palette "Fire" and ALT+1Here is yet another image created with WinCIG.

WinCIG is Freeware. You can use it free of charge as long as you please! WinCIG is not restricted in any way!!!

If you like these chaos images, then please also try the screen saver collection "2000 Lights Go Down" from this site!

The Try-before-you-buy-version includes the Apple 2 screen saver that also creates chaos images. It uses the co-ordinates saved with WinCIG!

Obtaining the program WinCIG

WinCIG is part of the evaluation copy 95 Lights Go Down. As WinCIG is Freeware, you can continue using it even if you don't want to register the screen saver collection.

Archive WINCIGE.ZIP, Size 242 kB

Download from http://www.th-soft.com/software/wincige.zip

Download from http://www.hoevel.de/software/wincige.zip

You simply have to extract the file WINCIGE.ZIP before using the program; no installation required!
Further information about extracting ZIP files.

The images on this page were created with the following settings:

Please also pay attention to my software for Windows 32 (Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0 or higher):

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The evaluation copy also includes the freeware program WinCIG!
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