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Oct 20, 00 Final version of 2000 Lights Go Down Shareware with 22 modules available for download!
Jan 2, 02 New! Our New Year Special (valid thru May 31, 2002): Buy the special "2000 Lights Go Down Pure" edition online for only US$9.90! Includes 44 screen saver modules! Bargain! More information here!
Jun 30, 00 The next generation: 2000 Lights Go Down version 1.01 is now available!!!
Apr 11, 02 Visitor statistics (including March 2002): Very detailed statistics for June 1999!!!
Apr 22, 02 Update: WinCIG 2.00, the Chaos Image Generator!!!
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Software for Windows 32 (Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0):

2000 Lights Go Down is the 32-bit successor of The Lights Go Down. It is a multi-module screen saver. 40 screen saver modules available! Many Features! Superb Bitmap Show (JPEG and Bitmap images)!
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Freeware version with 7 modules available free!
Evaluation copy with 22 modules available free!

New! Our New Year Special (valid thru May 31, 2000): Buy the special "2000 Lights Go Down Pure Professional" edition online for only US$9.90! Includes 44 screen saver modules! Bargain! More information here!

Software for Windows 16 (Windows 3.x)

The Lights Go Down is the first Shareware program by Thomas Hövel Software. It's a multi-module screen saver.
The German version is a winner in the Ziff-Davis Europe European Shareware Awards 1995.
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Download free evaluation copy!

5star200.gif (4114 bytes)WinCIG, the Chaos Image Generator for Windows XP / Me / 98SE /   98 / 2000 / 95 / NT! (Freeware!)

This program turns a simple mathematical formula, found by Benoît Mandelbrot into fascinating images.
Mathematical knowledge is not required to use this program. It is very easy to use.
And it got a ZDNET 5 Star Rating!!!

Thomas Hövel is a member of the
Elite Shareware Authors Group.
Thomas Hövel Software is an author member of the
Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP).

The Screen Saver Image Gallery allows you to have a glance at my screen savers without downloading and installing the programs. Sometimes I do a little JAVA programming. You can use all my JAVA Applets I use on this site on your own homepages, too. All I ask for is an attribution and a link to my homepage. Click here to find out how to use my JAVA Applets. (Updated March 15, 1999)

For your information and amusement: The Hacker Jargon File a.k.a. The New Hacker's Dictionary

TH's OS/2 Games Pack: Long long ago (I guess 'twas '89/'90) I was working as an OS/2 application developer - at that time we had a beta release of Microsoft OS/2 2.0 - that was light years before IBM OS/2 2.0 was finally out ...
In 1997 I found out that Borland Pascal 7.0 can be used to create executables for OS/2 - and for a try I ported two of my Windows games to OS/2.
TH Reader for VendInfo.DIZ files: Many shareware authors include VENDINFO.DIZ files with their products. The small DOS executable README.COM can be used to display the VENDINFO.DIZ file. I encourage all shareware authors to include this small freeware program with their shareware packages. Shareware users who often find the VENDINFO.DIZ files may also find the program useful.

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